What is zipdiddy

Zipdiddy is a blog network for cheap flights. Good flight deals are posted on individual city sites. Currently Montreal, Toronto, New York, Vancouver, and San Francisco exist but more are planned. Send an email to pbburns@yahoo.com to suggest your home city.


Zipdiddy is run by me, Phil Bergeron-Burns, for the benefit of the travelling public. Unlike most sites that list "cheap flights" zipdiddy does not sell airline tickets itself and is therefore free to actually show the cheapest airfares. This also leaves zipdiddy free to suggest less polluting alternatives, such as the train or staying at home!

Future plans

I have big plans for zipdiddy. To be expanded soon is a map-based interactive travel search engine. Currently the engine only shows the lowest one-way fares leaving from Montreal to other major canadian cities. However, it is the only free way that I know of of comparing Westjet and Air Canada airline prices.