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Vancouver $340 (US) $357 (Canadian)

To find and book this flight go to Sunwing vacations and click on the "air only" tab. One possible set of dates is Sept 23rd to Oct 1st 2008. The outgoing fare is $50 and the return airfare is $99 with $206 in total taxes and fees. Be sure to unclick the $50 protection plan. Many dates are available and this is a direct flight. I'm not sure about sunwing's financial position in this high fuel price environment so I'd be sure to buy this ticket on a credit card. Use this flight to visit Victoria or the gulf islands in the fall! This sale ends Friday August 29th 2008. I first heard about this sale on AirfareWatchDog.

Monday, Aug 25 2008 11:50am

New York $125 (US) $131 (Canadian)

This is the lowest price I've ever seen on this route. Fly on LAN. According to AirfareWatchDog you must book this by August 30th. However, this price is less than half what they advertise this fare to be ($234). It is a direct, very convenient, less than 2 hour flight each way. Book on Vayama. One possible set of dates is November 3rd to November 10th 2008. I couldn't find this flight on Kayak or Orbitz.

Sunday, Aug 24 2008 10:54pm

Charlotte NC $272 (US) $278 (Canadian)

An easy to find cheap fare to the medium south. This is a one connection Northwest flight - connecting in Detroit. The base fare of $175 is very cheap historically for this route.

Monday, Jun 16 2008 9:49pm

Mumbai, India $1058 (US) $1089 (Canadian)

A very cheap flight in late August to mid-September 2008. This flight in offered by Continental and can be found via Kayak or Orbitz. One set of sample dates available are from Aug 23 to Sep 17 2008. The flight is a long one because there is a stopover at Newark airport in NYC in both directions.

Saturday, Jun 14 2008 5:45pm

Amsterdam, Netherlands $489 (US) $498 (Canadian)

Wow, this flight is offered by KLM majority owned Martinair many days in May. This is a very nice spring fare to beautiful Amsterdam. This flight can also be found on Orbitz.

Tuesday, Apr 15 2008 5:15pm

Los Angeles, USA $212 (US) $198 (Canadian)

An increadibly cheap flight! This is a secret, unadvertised airfare sale on Westjet. One possible set of travel days are Jan 8th 2008 to Feb 16 2008. Act fast, I doubt this deal will be around for very long. To top it all off this is a direct flight... no exausting 3 connection el-cheapo itinerary.

Thursday, Nov 8 2007 10:24pm

Beijing, China $1042 (US) $972 (Canadian)

A cheap flight to the future location of the Olympics! Offered by Continental as a reasonably convenient one connection flight through Newark. Travel time works out to around 17 hours on both legs and this return flight is available on many days for this price or sometimes $40 more expensive - still a really good deal.

Monday, Nov 5 2007 7:38pm

Tokyo, Japan $991 (US) $946 (Canadian)

A great price for late fall travel. This fare is only available on All Nippon's own website. There is a stop-over in Chicago. Many dates are available from the last week in November to the first week in December 2007. A good way to find the days is to do a flexible date search on Kayak.

Monday, Oct 29 2007 9:59pm

Tokyo $1070 (US) $1111 (Canadian)

This flight is with Air Canada and is available for mid to late September travel. Book directly on AC's site or through Orbitz for US$1076. A set of sample days where this fare is available is Sep 10th to the 19th 2007.

Tuesday, Jul 24 2007 3:46pm

Seattle $448 (US) $469 (Canadian)

An amazing web fare deal between YYZ and SEA to be found and booked on Orbitz. Example days where this is available are: Aug 14 to Aug 20 2007, Aug 15 to Aug 24 2007, Aug 18 to Aug 24 2007, Aug 27 to Sep 5 2007, Aug 28 to Sep 5 2007, etc. Other dates are available for $30 more; be sure to do a flexible date search. These flights are offered by Northwest Airlines with one connection either in Detoirt or Minneapolis. This deal might be very interesting for those looking for a cheap flight to Vancouver who are willing to take the bus from Seattle.

Sunday, Jul 22 2007 1:53pm

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