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New York $125 (US) $131 (Canadian)

This is the lowest price I've ever seen on this route. Fly on LAN. According to AirfareWatchDog you must book this by August 30th. However, this price is less than half what they advertise this fare to be ($234). It is a direct, very convenient, less than 2 hour flight each way. Book on Vayama. One possible set of dates is November 3rd to November 10th 2008. I couldn't find this flight on Kayak or Orbitz.

Sunday, Aug 24 2008 10:54pm

Charlotte NC $272 (US) $278 (Canadian)

An easy to find cheap fare to the medium south. This is a one connection Northwest flight - connecting in Detroit. The base fare of $175 is very cheap historically for this route.

Monday, Jun 16 2008 9:49pm

Los Angeles, USA $212 (US) $198 (Canadian)

An increadibly cheap flight! This is a secret, unadvertised airfare sale on Westjet. One possible set of travel days are Jan 8th 2008 to Feb 16 2008. Act fast, I doubt this deal will be around for very long. To top it all off this is a direct flight... no exausting 3 connection el-cheapo itinerary.

Thursday, Nov 8 2007 10:24pm

Seattle $448 (US) $469 (Canadian)

An amazing web fare deal between YYZ and SEA to be found and booked on Orbitz. Example days where this is available are: Aug 14 to Aug 20 2007, Aug 15 to Aug 24 2007, Aug 18 to Aug 24 2007, Aug 27 to Sep 5 2007, Aug 28 to Sep 5 2007, etc. Other dates are available for $30 more; be sure to do a flexible date search. These flights are offered by Northwest Airlines with one connection either in Detoirt or Minneapolis. This deal might be very interesting for those looking for a cheap flight to Vancouver who are willing to take the bus from Seattle.

Sunday, Jul 22 2007 1:53pm

Pittsburgh $183 (US) $190 (Canadian)

This is a good deal spotted by Airfare Watchdog offered by US Airways. It can be booked on Travelocity by doing a flexible date search.

Tuesday, Jul 17 2007 11:08pm

Fort Myers, Florida $298 (US) $317 (Canadian)

A direct Westjet flight available, as of now, every Saturday in June, July, and August 2007. Air Canada hasn't matched this sale. Fort Myers is located in southwest florida reasonably close to both Miami and Tampa.

Tuesday, Jun 5 2007 6:16pm

San Diego, California $362 (US) $383 (Canadian)

This deal is currently being shown on Kayak Buzz but doesn't seem to be available anymore. However, if you're playing on visiting beautiful San Diego this month (June 2007 - early July 2007) it might be worth keeping an eye open in case the price drops again (as it often does). This flight was being offered by American Airlines.

Tuesday, Jun 5 2007 11:19am

New York City $166 (US) $176 (Canadian)

When going to NYC probably the best trade off between cost and convenience is taking a Cdn$46.75 bus to Buffalo and then a US$122 flight with either US Airways to LGA or JetBlue to JFK. Both of these flights are direct. The US Airlines flights are easier to find - and can be booked on Orbitz.

Sunday, Jun 3 2007 6:45pm