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Pittsburgh $183 (US) $190 (Canadian)

This is a good deal spotted by Airfare Watchdog offered by US Airways. It can be booked on Travelocity by doing a flexible date search.

Tuesday, Jul 17 2007 11:08pm

Montreal $20 (US) $22 (Canadian)

Although this is mostly a flight deals blog I thought I should mention the amazingly cheap bus deals available from Coach Canada. This semi-permanent sale can be booked on their website look for $10 fares from late August 2007 till the end of September 2007. There are also $18, $28, and $38 fares available on days where there are no $10 fares. The only problem with this sale is that you need to select the exact hour of your departure. Coach Canada is the only bus company that travels directly between Montreal and Toronto Greyhound takes a detour through Ottawa.

Monday, Jul 2 2007 9:02pm

Edinburgh, Scotland $529 (US) $565 (Canadian)

Available on Air Transat for June 19th departure and return in July 2007. This is truely a last minute deal since flights leaving later are at least $100 more. Connect to other points in Europe on Easyjet or other discount carriers that fly to Edinburgh.

Friday, Jun 15 2007 3:48pm

Sao Paulo, Brazil $928 (US) $984 (Canadian)

This Toronto flight deal is only available on a couple of days in June. Available days are June 18th to the 25th or 26th and June 19th to the 26th, all of 2007. To book: go to Delta's website or book on Orbitz.

Sunday, Jun 10 2007 10:38am

Mexico City $506 (US) $537 (Canadian)

An excellent airfare deal to Mexico's capital city. This ticket can be booked almost any day this summer on Delta.

Thursday, Jun 7 2007 10:24pm

St. Johns, Newfoundland $257 (US) $273 (Canadian)

This fare is bookable on Air Canada for many possible upcoming dates. These are direct flights. The quoted price includes all the booking discounts and probably won't be available if you don't book on Air Canada's own site. Look for $99 fares, not including taxes.

Wednesday, Jun 6 2007 2:03pm

Fort Myers, Florida $298 (US) $317 (Canadian)

A direct Westjet flight available, as of now, every Saturday in June, July, and August 2007. Air Canada hasn't matched this sale. Fort Myers is located in southwest florida reasonably close to both Miami and Tampa.

Tuesday, Jun 5 2007 6:16pm

San Diego, California $362 (US) $383 (Canadian)

This deal is currently being shown on Kayak Buzz but doesn't seem to be available anymore. However, if you're playing on visiting beautiful San Diego this month (June 2007 - early July 2007) it might be worth keeping an eye open in case the price drops again (as it often does). This flight was being offered by American Airlines.

Tuesday, Jun 5 2007 11:19am

New York City $166 (US) $176 (Canadian)

When going to NYC probably the best trade off between cost and convenience is taking a Cdn$46.75 bus to Buffalo and then a US$122 flight with either US Airways to LGA or JetBlue to JFK. Both of these flights are direct. The US Airlines flights are easier to find - and can be booked on Orbitz.

Sunday, Jun 3 2007 6:45pm

Belfast, Northern Ireland $394 (US) $417 (Canadian)

An awesome airfare to a good European jumping off point on Air Transat. This ticket can also be booked and found on Orbitz for the same price. This fare is available for several itineraries during the first 3 weeks of June 2007 for example June 12th to the 20th 2007.

Sunday, Jun 3 2007 11:35am

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