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Orlando, Florida $290 (US) $304 (Canadian)

This is an easily findable late october US Airways flight. There is one connection in Charlotte, which makes this a 6 hour flight each way. Kayak is announcing that this flight is often late - so take your chances. I found this price Oct 17 to Oct 24 2008.

Sunday, Aug 24 2008 11:03pm

Boston $301 (US) $315 (Canadian)

Flights between Canada and the United States incure heavy taxes of about US$50 each way and so this price is better than it appears. Book this deal on Orbitz with a flexible dates search in August and September. This is a one connection US Airways flight. Alternatively you can book a direct flight on Air Canada's site for a little bit more, Cdn$339, available on many more days. Enjoy new england!

Sunday, Jul 22 2007 1:31pm

London, England (Gatwick) $610 (US) $670 (Canadian)

US Airways flights to London (LGW) are a pretty good deal in early June. There is one connection in Philadelphia. Many dates are available.

Monday, May 21 2007 1:54pm

Stockholm $724 (US) $795 (Canadian)

This last minute deal is available for many departure days in late May and early June, for about US$50 more. These days can be identified by doing a flexible date search on Orbitz but the flight can be booked for about $5 cheaper directly on the US Airways website. This flight has one connection in Philadelphi (PHL) in both directions and it is also available for about US$775 in October and November. The trip duration is about 13 hours including the aproximately 3 hour layover.

Wednesday, May 16 2007 12:25pm