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Vienna, Austria $721 (US) $747 (Canadian)

This is an awesome last minute deal to Vienna on Air Transat. You can leave either July 26th or July 29th and return either August 10th or the 13th. This is a very good deal on a convenient direct flight between YUL and VIE.

Tuesday, Jul 24 2007 5:24pm

Tel Aviv, Israel $995 (US) $1055 (Canadian)

This price is only available leaving Nov 5th 2007 returning Nov 15th 2007 on Czech Airlines, bookable on Orbitz. Another good deal is with Olympic Airlines leaving Dec 25 2007 to Jan 10 2008 for US$1067.

Sunday, Jun 3 2007 7:15pm

Warsaw, Poland $844 (US) $912 (Canadian)

This fare is offered many days in October and November and can be found and booked on Orbitz. This is a Czech Airlines one connection flight.

Saturday, May 26 2007 12:25am

Istanbul, Turkey $986 (US) $1068 (Canadian)

A nice late spring price for airfare to Istanbul. A reasonable choice of dates are available over the coming month at around US$1000. These deals are best found using the Orbitz flexible date search funtion. These flights all have one connection often in Zurich (Swiss Air) or Frankfurt (Air Canada or Lufthansa) or Paris (Air France or Air Canada). Thanks to the user who suggested this destination via the suggestion box at left!

Thursday, May 24 2007 3:01pm

Manchester, UK $426 (US) $461 (Canadian)

This very cheap fare is best found by doing a flexible date search over the next month on Orbitz. This direct flight is codeshared with Air Transat but is operated by Thomas Cook Airlines, a british leisure charter airline. This flight operates on Thursdays and so outgoing (YUL to MAN) dates available are: May 31, June 7th, June 14th, and June 21st and incoming (MAN to YUL) dates available are June 7th, June 14th and June 21st. Besides Orbitz this flight can be booked for a worse price on Air Transat (C$520) and Canadian Affair(C$500 - C$515). Canadian Affair allows you to buy a one-way fare for only slightly more than it would cost as part of a return ticket.

Wednesday, May 23 2007 8:22pm

London, England (Gatwick) $610 (US) $670 (Canadian)

US Airways flights to London (LGW) are a pretty good deal in early June. There is one connection in Philadelphia. Many dates are available.

Monday, May 21 2007 1:54pm

Athens, Greece $778 (US) $854 (Canadian)

This direct Air Transat flight has two possible itineraries: June 2nd to the 11th or June 8th to the 16th. If you prefer a non-charter flight then you can get a US$864 US Airways flight with one connection in Philadelphia June 4th to the 11th.

Friday, May 18 2007 4:14pm

Madrid, Spain $547 (US) $601 (Canadian)

Book this last minute flight at Air Transat. The only dates currently available are May 28th to June 5th. The web sites advertises packages including 3 nights at a hotel for even cheaper - but an error occurs when you go to book it. These are direct flights.

Thursday, May 17 2007 3:24pm

Moscow $700 (US) $769 (Canadian)

This is an even cheaper option for travel to Moscow (SVO) that involves taking a Cdn$119 bus to New York and then catching a US$588 Finnair flight to Moscow. The good thing is that this flight is available for many dates from September 4th 2007 to November 2007. The flight can be found and booked on Orbitz and it's actually US$12 more expensive to book on Finnair's own site. There is one connection in Helsinki and the flight trip duration is 10 hours going and 8.5 hours returning (not including the 7-8 hour bus trip between Montreal and NYC).

Wednesday, May 16 2007 3:43pm

Stockholm $724 (US) $795 (Canadian)

This last minute deal is available for many departure days in late May and early June, for about US$50 more. These days can be identified by doing a flexible date search on Orbitz but the flight can be booked for about $5 cheaper directly on the US Airways website. This flight has one connection in Philadelphi (PHL) in both directions and it is also available for about US$775 in October and November. The trip duration is about 13 hours including the aproximately 3 hour layover.

Wednesday, May 16 2007 12:25pm

Paris $458 (US) $507 (Canadian)

French airline Corse Air has some great fares to Paris Orly (ORY) this spring. Paris Orly is about the same distance from the city center as Charles De Gaulle: about 15km. It's easy to find the US$458 fares, say from Saturday June 2nd to Saturday June 9th, either on Kayak or directly from the Corse Air site. You can choose to spend your time in Paris or easily connect to a discount flight out of Paris-Orly such as to Valencia, Spain on Clickair or Athens, Greece on Easyjet or Oslo, Norway on Norwegian Air Shuttle.

Monday, May 14 2007 4.41pm

Moscow $850 (US) $940 (Canadian)

Return flights to Moscow (SVO) on Aeroflot, Russia's national airline, are a very good deal - from as low as US$850! Many dates are also available for US$859 and US$869. There are also flights to St. Petersburg (LED) from US$973 in October. These deals can be found and booked by doing a flexible date search on Orbitz.

Monday, May 14 2007 3.36pm