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New York $139 (US) $167 (Canadian)

Get dropped off in Burlington, Vermont and catch this cheap cheap cheap flight in to the big apple. Or take the bus to Burlington, also for cheap. Many days are available at the is price (which includes all taxes and is return): look for flights on either a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

Wednesday, Apr 29 2009 12:58pm

Orlando, Florida $290 (US) $304 (Canadian)

This is an easily findable late october US Airways flight. There is one connection in Charlotte, which makes this a 6 hour flight each way. Kayak is announcing that this flight is often late - so take your chances. I found this price Oct 17 to Oct 24 2008.

Sunday, Aug 24 2008 11:03pm

Washington DC $321 (US) $328 (Canadian)

This is a very cheap fare to the US capital bookable through Northwest Airlines. The only days where it seemed to be available however where June 21st to the 24th 2008. It can also be found on Orbitz for another $7 booking fee. While in the US don't forget that there are $1 bus tickets to NYC or Philadelphia. Incidently, there are $304 return flights to Washington from Ottawa available the same day or other days. All of these flights have one connection in Detroit.

Thursday, Jun 12 2008 5:11pm

San Francisco $424 (US) $434 (Canadian)

This is a good deal found spotted by's buzz site. A sample set of days are April 15 to the 30th 2008. This is a direct Air Canada flight - and it's most cheaply booked directly on the airlines site. Enjoy san fran!

Friday, Mar 21 2008 5:21pm

Washington DC $268 (US) $270 (Canadian)

As noted on the Airfarewatchdog Blog Air Canada is having a WebSavers sale. One of the deals is an Air Canada Jazz flight to Washington DC for $93 each way (plus tax). This deal is available almost every day of the week in January and is a convenient direct flight.

Saturday, Dec 8 2007 1:53pm

Orlando, Florida $273 (US) $258 (Canadian)

This is a direct Westjet flight available, for example, Dec 5th - Dec 12th 2007. This deal was featured on the Airfarewatchdog Blog and you need to use the Promo code: PC1MCO on Westjet's own site to get 20% off. Act fast, this deal might disapear at any time.

Saturday, Nov 10 2007 2:12pm

Boston $301 (US) $315 (Canadian)

Flights between Canada and the United States incure heavy taxes of about US$50 each way and so this price is better than it appears. Book this deal on Orbitz with a flexible dates search in August and September. This is a one connection US Airways flight. Alternatively you can book a direct flight on Air Canada's site for a little bit more, Cdn$339, available on many more days. Enjoy new england!

Sunday, Jul 22 2007 1:31pm

Chicago $311 (US) $332 (Canadian)

Another American Airlines weekend airfare sale to Chicago. According to Airfare Watchdog this fare must be purchased by June 15th 2007. On offer is a pair of direct flights - the outgoing one on Sat June 23th and the incoming one on Mon June 25th or Tue June 26th.

Friday, Jun 15 2007 3:59pm

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX $312 (US) $331 (Canadian)

Weekend in Dallas anyone? This is a direct American Airlines flight available this upcoming weekend. It departs in the morning, Saturday June 9th, and returns either Monday June 11th or Tuesday June 12th 2007. This deal was first spotted by Airfare Watchdog based out of New York City.

Tuesday, Jun 5 2007 6:59pm

Seattle $146 (US) $154 (Canadian)

This is an amazing sale from Burlington (BTV) on Continental. Most of the available dates are already sold out but one bookable day I found was September 5 2007 to October 3 2007. It can be found and booked on Travelocity, one of the big online travel agents. If you can't get someone to drive you and your travelmates to Burlington a bus is available once a day for US$56 return.

Tuesday, Jun 5 2007 11:56am

Cleveland $180 (US) $191 (Canadian)

For travel this upcoming weekend: leaving Saturday June 2nd returning Monday June 4th or Tuesday June 5th 2007. Direct Continental US$124 flight combined with a US$56 bus.

Friday, Jun 1 2007 4:08pm

San Francisco $301 (US) $324 (Canadian)

This is another combination bus to Burlington airport (BTV) and US domestic flight. The regular inter-city bus costs US$56 (return) and drops you off right at the airport. The flight is with US discounter JetBlue and there are plenty of flights next September for US$245. Look for one-way fares for US$104, not including tax.

Friday, May 25 2007 2:02pm

Las Vegas $369 (US) $401 (Canadian)

This Westjet seat sale expires today. Travel must be completed by June 27th and very few travel days are available. While searching, look for C$133 one-way fares (not including tax). One set of dates that is currently available is June 5th to the 13th. These Westjet flights all have one connection in Toronto. Air Canada hasn't matched this offer but they do have a much better selection of days with decent fares and, sometimes, direct flights for C$443 (June 4th to the 12th). One-way fares are always half the price of the return fares. Also, consider adding a Californian destination to your trip for very cheap. Return flights between Las Vegas and San Francisco or Los Angeles start at about US$100, everything included, and are easy to find on Southwest Airlines.

Thursday, May 24 2007 2:49pm

Chicago $311 (US) $336 (Canadian)

This American Airlines flight is only available leaving Saturday June 2nd and coming back Monday June 4th or Tuesday June 5th. These are direct flights operated by American Eagle on an Embraer RJ145. This deal was first spotted by AirfareWatchdog.

Wednesday, May 23 2007 11:21am

West Palm Beach $266 (US) $292 (Canadian)

A pretty good deal to PBI, an airport in the Miami/Ft Lauderdale region. This fare is offered by North West and is hard to find, even using Orbitz flexible date search. It has one connection in Detroit and is available: June 13 - 19, June 20 - 26 and perhaps other days. There are many more days available for US$290-295.

Monday, May 21 2007 1:50pm

LA $280 (US) $308 (Canadian)

This deal is a combination US$56 bus to Burlington (BTV) that goes right to the airport and a Burlington-Los Angeles (LAX) Northwest flight. The flight is US$224 - quite a good price for this time of year. Burlington is only a 1hr 20min drive south of Montreal.

Tuesday, May 15 2007 1.52pm

Denver, Colorado $337 (US) $373 (Canadian)

Flights to Denver (DEN) are very cheap at the moment. This fare from Montreal is easy to find throughout the next 12 months on Delta Airlines. For the truely thrifty traveller Denver can also be visited by combining a Cdn$119 bus fare to NYC with a US$120 Delta flight from JFK. This option is also open for the entire upcoming year and has a total cost of only Cdn$252.

Monday, May 14 2007 11.47pm

Phoenix $331 (US) $366 (Canadian)

There are currently very good deals to Phoenix next October from Montreal. Booking on Orbitz the return fare, all included, is US$331. The airline is Northwest and this deal is easy to find. This deal is likely in response to the current fare war out of Phoenix to the US east coast. Currently return fares from Phoenix to NYC can be found for about US$160.

Monday, May 14 2007 2.55pm